Kip's father, the late Red Dingler, began Dingler Productions in 1958 after a 15 year career as a circus performer. At the age of 5, Kip was performing in parades bouncing on a trampoline, juggling or riding a unicycle. At age 9, he became more and more interested in what his father was doing and at that time began assisting him in the design and production of professional parade floats. A 1978 graduate of First Presbyterian Day School, Kip went to the University of florida on a track and field scholarship for pole vaulting. A University of Florida decathlete, Kip graduated with a Bachelor's degree from the college of Physical Education, Health and Recreation. He intended to come back to Middle Georgia to be a track coach but his father's untimely death impacted his career. After graduation, Kip began producing parade floats to continue his father's business as a tribute to him.
Dingler Productions has expanded its inventory and added to the numbers of parades it serves. Currently providing floats for 60-65 parades a year, Dingler Productions serves all of Georgia, North Florida, Alabama and South Carolina. Christmas is the busiest season followed by St. Patrick's Day, July 4 and various festival seasons. Up to 45 floats are available for any one parade with more than 250 props from which to choose.
Some of the more popular all occasion floats include a sea dragon, a circus calliope, a Model-T Ford, a rainbow, a spinning world, a Spanish ship, a 6' x 20' birthday cake, and a train. for the Christmas Season, all of the standard holiday regalia is available.
All floats are completely waterproof and covered in floral sheeting, festooning and fringe. The various pirates, elves, carolers and animals are constructed of square tubing, wood, welded wire and paper mache. These colorful vehicles can be loaded "piggy back" for transport to the celebrations. Aside from parades, the decorative displays have complimented theme parties, birthday celebrations and Ga. State Fair Exhibits.